Things To Do In Sarnia for Entertainment

Whether you are a single young adult looking to grab a few pints with others to an elderly couple looking on how to spend their quiet Friday night, Sarnia has plenty of activities and events for all looking to enjoy themselves. Located right at the mouth of the St. Clair River, Sarnia’s beautiful landscapes and […]

Sarnia Fine Dining Options For You

Sarnia’s list of fine dining options certainly do not match the fine dining experiences one would find in a larger city like Toronto, however Sarnia’s handful of options will be sure to exceed your expectations. Steak & Seafood Fine Dining Big Fish Steak & Lounge, located along London Line, is new to the city of […]

Sarnia’s Best Breakfast Options

When looking for a place to grab breakfast, whether you are hungover and need some grease, (don’t lie we’ve all been there!) or looking for somewhere to take the family for brunch, opt for a place to keep everyone happy! Sarnia’s restaurants include a group of breakfast joints that are committed to their loyal customers […]

The Blue Water Bridge Twinning Project

The Bluewater Bridge was originally built with two lanes for vehicles, and sidewalks for passengers on foot; later removed to make room for three lanes to be used by vehicles. Prior to the twinning project, the customs and toll collection booths on both the American and Canadian side were extensively reconfigured in the early 1990s. […]

Catering Services in Sarnia Ontario

Can you think of anything better than a party with really good food or drink? Me neither! Catering your next event will leave you with less stress and will be sure to wow your guests. Whether you are looking to cater a wedding or your Son’s next birthday party, Sarnia offers many incredible catering services […]

Local Favourite Breakfast Places in Sarnia

Deciding on a spot in the Sarnia area to eat the most important meal of the day is one of the toughest decisions one can make. With some of the finest breakfast cooking around, Sarnia has many locations for all to grab some delicious grub. With that “home cooking” authenticity, the Sarnia breakfast scene will […]